Timemongers – Card Deck

Inspired by Eastern European fairy tales of time manipulation, this deck offers a radical interpretation of the Tarot that differs from the Rider-Waite editions.

The Major Arcana was imagined to serve more as a storytelling guide than a tool of divination: the child is lured into the world with the promise of happiness, comes to a crossroads and must choose between love, wealth and power. Then she must face the consequences of her choice, maintain balance and preserve her happiness at all costs, even if it means stopping time.

Each suite consists of 14 playing cards, the last four of which represent various aspects of love, wealth, power and time.

Designed primarily as a collector’s item, the deck follows the structure of the French Tarot. It can be used either as a regular set of playing cards or as a storytelling/divination tool.

You can see all the cards and read more about their meaning here.

The deck:
22 story-cards (Major Arcana)
56 playing cards (Minor Arcana)
2 instruction cards

Printed in Italy on whitecore cardstock


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